The Challenge

Retention360 is a restaurant focused SaaS customer experience platform that gives executive teams the resources and tools to retain customers and increase their ROI. Like many tech startups, Retention360 prioritized building a robust sales team, but did not accurately allocate marketing resources to support their customer acquisition efforts.

They were unable to identify quality leads, and were spending too much time bringing leads through the sales funnel to closing. XCLSV was asked to lead Retention360’s marketing efforts and build a seamless integration between marketing and sales to generate quality leads – quicker.

Step 1: Finding A Voice In The Market

Since Retention360 had not yet zeroed in on their unique brand voice in the marketplace, we conducted a thorough competitive analysis of the industry to identify where current players were lacking and strategize how Retention360 could better target the needs of their audience. Using our findings, we were able to help Retention360 craft a brand identity that felt true to their mission and would resonate with their ideal customers.

Step 2: Integrating Marketing & Sales

Once we identified Retention360’s unique angle, we were able to infuse their core values into all areas of the business. We started by re-designing their website and equipping their sales teams with new decks, messaging and customer profiles that reflected the brand’s mission. This allowed for consistency throughout the organization and a uniform sales strategy.

XCLSV then designed automated email marketing campaigns and implemented a lead scoring system to nurture leads and provide sales reps with valuable insights on customer engagement to shorten the sales process. Complimentary efforts were made on social and the blog – all aimed at increasing the number of leads that enter the funnel, while meticulously gathering information about leads to set sales reps up for success. 

Step 3: Building an In-House Team

After our initial engagement, Retention360’s founder saw the need for ongoing marketing efforts to continue supporting their sales team and promote better customer acquisition. Together, we helped Retention360 establish their first in-house marketing team and trained them on the systems, funnels, and campaigns we had successfully implemented. 

We knew our efforts in recruiting and training the marketing staff would leave Retention360 with a well-rounded team and reliable systems in place to continue on their upward trajectory.


By working with XCLSV, Retention360 was able to generate more qualified leads and boost their conversion rate. The sales team became more streamlined and unified, supported by the new website and other marketing assets we created. 

Going forward, Retention360 was able to understand the power of integration between marketing and sales and could see the direct impact that creating their own brand had on their sales results.

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