Why You Need A Team For Brand Development

Finding a team for brand development

Remember when “brand” simply meant your company colors, typography and logo? 

Well it’s much more than that now. While those things are still important, in 2020, a brand is a person’s overall perception of your business. At XCLSV, we like to think of it as your brand’s personality. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, says it even better:

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Oftentimes entrepreneurs will put ALL of their resources into building their sales and marketing strategy. What they are forgetting is arguably the most important aspect- the brand. One of the most common misconceptions is that the brand will take care of itself. Even if you’re an entrepreneur who has already invested in digital marketing, chances are you hired a freelance social media manager, web content writer, web designer, and even a paid media strategist but you ignored a brand consultant. Without a brand consultant, there is no one overseeing all of the different components of your digital marketing strategy to make sure there’s a unified voice on all of your platforms. Has your company worked to develop what your voice is yet?

Chances are you haven’t – and that’s why you need a brand strategist. By overlooking the value of a brand strategist, you risk creating an “empty” brand with no real connection to a core audience.

Your brand development team needs to be able to put all the pieces together to make sure your business is accurately reflected across all platforms. There is a unified feel and tone of your brand that should be distributed. When it comes to social media, people have a certain standard of cohesiveness and aesthetic. If your platforms don’t match, your customers will feel lost and your business will be affected.  

As a leader, you set the tone for your company. It is your responsibility to express what you want your brand to represent so that your team can carry your mission. What is your why? How are you building a brand internally? How do you want to appeal to your audience? These are all questions that a founder must ask themselves. If your team doesn’t know the message you’re trying to convey, how will your audience?

All digital marketing services are intended to amplify the brand that you created. They should act as vehicles to enhance your messaging, not take away from it by sharing separate messages. Here are some things to consider when determining the narrative you want your brand to echo:

  1. Why did you start the business?
  2. What people do you want to attract? Why?
  3. What other brands do your consumers interact with?
  4. What is the bigger purpose of your business?

These are not easy questions to answer. As an entrepreneur you may be focused on the daily revenue and traffic goals you have to hit to keep the business running. We understand that the execution of your business is top of mind, but we encourage you to find partners who can help you establish your brand. In 2020, your social media engagement and relationship you have with your consumers will keep your business alive. Industries are changing but brand will remain constant. That is why at XCLSV, we work with our clients to carry out their digital marketing strategies while focusing intensely on the brand they’re curating. We let you stay in charge of the vision, while we do the dirty work to make sure the brand gets to where you want it to be.